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There is a long history of law enforcement adding supercars to their police cruiser fleets. The latest comes from a likely place, Dubai, where one-upping the rest of the world in conspicuous consumption has become a national point of pride.

The Dubai police force announced yesterday that they’ve added a Lamborghini Aventador to their fleet, the Italian supercar capping a broader upgrade to their selection of cruisers that also reportedly includes new examples of theChevy Camaro.

The 700-horsepower Aventador has a starting price in the US of nearly $400,000 and can reach speeds up to 217 miles per hour. Reports, however, say that the Dubai police force won’t be using the car’s 0-60 performance of 3.9 seconds to catch any crooks, but rather that the supercar will be used in tourist areas to impress foreign travelers.

The announcement of the car’s arrival was made via the police force’s Twitter account with a tweet that read”Latest #Dubai_Police patrols, now at your service,” and was accompanied by an image of the new law-enforcement-liveried Aventador driving outside the Dubai Mall, which happens to be the world’s biggest shopping center.

Dubai certainly isn’t the first to add a supercar to its cruiser fleet, nor is it even the first to choose aLamborghini. The most famous Lamborghini cop car is perhaps the Gallardo LP560-4 used by the Italian State Police. The blue-and-white bringer of justice was even immortalized with its own official Lego set.

By: Luis Martinez

Exotic cars are nice, but when you need to exhibit real authority only American muscle will do.

The Dubai Police department has added a Chevrolet Camaro to its growing fleet of high performance police cars. The Camaro SS coupe was supplied to the force by the local Chevy dealer, Al Ghandi Auto.

It may be the only police car in town (or the world, for that matter) with a red leather interior, as its original white over red color scheme has been retained under the green decals of the Dubai Police and a roof-mounted light bar.

Last week, Dubai unveiled its new Lamborghini Aventador patrol car, which wasn’t picked up for its speed as much as its flamboyance. The force looking to reflect the uniqueness and extravagance of the Emirate it serves.

While the Lamborghini retails for about $400,000 in Dubai, Camaros go for just $40,000, so they can definitely fill up the fleet with them for a lot less.

Not that money is an issue.

In addition to these two hot wheels, the police are planning the addition of an unspecified Ferrari model expected to cost upwards of $550,000.

With all of these flashy cars in the parking lot, the Dubai Police might want to think about hiring some extra security.

By: Luis Martinez